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Dan Jacobs: Music


30 SECOND RADIO PROMO SPOT: for "Blue After Hours"

(Dan Jacobs)
June 16, 2005
This radio promo spot played on jazz radio around the country.

30 SECOND RADIO PROMO SPOT: for "Jazz Standard Time"

(Dan Jacobs)
June 17, 2005
This is a radio spot that was created for

OVER THE RAINBOW, Dan Jacobs, live trumpet solo with jazz combo

(Dan Jacobs and the Shorts Brewing All-Stars, Bellaire, Mi, May 2005)
May 20, 2005
Recorded live in May 2005 with tthe Shorts Brewing All-Stars, in Bellaire, MI. Dan is playing a yahama 8310Z.

Movie Sound Track and "When You Wish" = Dan on piano, re-harmonized

(Dan Jacobs)
May 1, 2000
Dan Jacobs

CHRISTMAS FEATURE: A JAZZ MUSICIANS CHRISTMAS: great vocal by Jack Sheldon (an insiders view of christmas gigs)

(Jack Sheldon and Tom Kubis)
December 22, 2005
Jack is a marvelous vocalist and trumpeter and this is a great song with a message!


(Dell Knickerbocker)
Dell is a great tenor player who I have worked with before and he sent me this clip of him playing happy birthday.

THE CHRISTMAS SONG- Dan, solo trumpet


Christmas Songs 2010


Dan - business lectures

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