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Dan Jacobs: Music

"ONE BY ONE" - a cut from "PLAY SONG" CD, Dan Jacobs Quartet

(Dan Jacobs)
June 15, 2011
Wayne Shorter

"PLAY SONG" - another cut from "Play Song" CD

(Dan Jacobs)
June 15, 2011
Bill Mays

ALONDRA - an original tune by Dan Jacobs from "Play Song"

(Dan Jacobs)
June 15, 2011
Dan Jacobs, comp/arranger

ALTERNATE TAKE ON "NADALIN" (from "Blue After Hours") by Dan Jacobs

(Dan Jacobs, trumpet, Chuck Jacobs, bass, Randy Dorman,guitar, Tom Roady, perc)
January 20, 2004
Bobby Shew, composer

SPANISH MARCH" Dan trumpet feature for movie soundtrack

SUMMERTIME - Dan Jacobs, flute, Chuck Jacobs, bass, Rod Jacobs, drums, Randy Dorman, guitar

(Dan Jacobs)
December 20, 2012

AULD LANG SYNE - Dan Jacobs, piano for New Year 2014

December 31, 2004
Arranged and performed by Dan Jacobs, piano

SAMBA De ORPHEUS - features Dan on flugelhorn solo on a CD recorded in 1988 at Columbia Records, L.A.

(Dan Jacobs, trpt; Doug Webb, tenor; Brian Williams, baritone sax; Kye Palmer, tp; Charlie Peterson, tp and others)
June 7, 2000
Arranged by Steve Crum

JAZZ STANDARD TIME cd by dan jacobs, chuck jacobs, rod jacobs, randy dorman

BLUE AFTER HOURS, a jazz CD by Dan Jacobs with Chuck Jacobs, Randy Dorman, Rod Jacobs, Jonathan Jacobs

Dan on trumpet soloing with different groups

DREAM SKETCHES, dan jacobs, piano & flute; chuck jacobs, bass

FUTURE MEMORIES, dan jacobs, piano & flute; chuck jacobs, bass



JORDAN'S WAY - by Dan Jacobs on piano, Chuck Jacobs on bass, composed by Dan Jacobs

(Dan Jacobs (piano, flute, bass flute) Chuck Jacobs (bass))
December 25, 2004
Dan Jacobs, composer, arranger, pianist

INTERRUPTED LIVES - Original improvised meditative piano with strings, composition and piano performance by Dan Jacobs

(Dan Jacobs, piano)
April 6, 2005
Composed, arranged, performed by Dan Jacobs

THE WAY BACK HOME, compostion and piano performance by Dan Jacobs

(Dan Jacobs, piano, comp. arr.)
February 14, 2005

I wrote this song on Valentines Day 2005 and liked it more than I thought I would, so here it is. - Dan

AULD LANG SYNE: Dan Jacobs, spontaneous piano arrangement and performance

(Dan Jacobs, piano)
December 31, 2004
Dan Jacobs, arranger/performer

MAPLE LEAF RAG - Dan Jacobs piano, recorded in 1988

Beauté Naissante - by Dan Jacobs, solo piano for the New Year!

VIDEO: DAN JACOBS AND CHUCK JACOBS - cut and paste this link:

(Dan Jacobs, flute/piano and Chuck Jacobs, bass)
Dream Sketches by Dan Jacobs

A MinorMajor 12/05

TAKE A MINUTE TO BREATHE - dan jacobs, piano

A Curious Life - Dan Jacobs

Affair Of The Heart (with notes)

(Phillip Keveren, pianist - Dan Jacobs, composer)
May 19, 2005
Dan Jacobs, composer, arranger
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