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Dan Jacobs: Music

MAPLE LEAF RAG - Dan Jacobs piano, recorded in 1988

(Dan Jacobs)
Scott Joplin

This was recorded in 1988.  Dan first learned this tune by mimicing the keys being automatically played by an old player piano* in 1960. (lovingly restored by Wilbur Jacobs) It is included on this site as a tribute to my mother, Loretta Jacobs, a wonderfully enthusiastic pianist who also loved and played this tune.

*A player piano is a type of piano that plays music automatically without the need for a human pianist. Instead, the keys are struck by mechanical or pneumatic means when you push the pedals with your feet.

This is Scott Joplin's famous composition, "Maple Leaf Rag" published in 1899. With this tune, Joplin gave ragtime its finest expression. And with the Maple Leaf Rag (named for a Sedalia, Missouri social club), he gave the genre its iconic masterpiece. It was also ragtime's biggest hit. The phenomenal success of the Maple Leaf Rag sparked a nationwide ragtime craze.