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Review of Dan Jacobs CD, "PLAY SONG" by International Trumpet Guild

"Jacobs' musicianship is first-rate and will please even the harshest critic. His playing is highly expressive and covers a wide range of timbres and styles.It is obvious that he approaches every tune on the album with a different expressive quality and tonal characteristic. His flugelhorn playing on Alondra reveals a high level of musicianship, lyricism, and a velvety tone color.

Dan Jacobs is not only a great musician; during Wayne Shorter’s One By One, he administers a display of technique that would dazzle the finest players. This reviewer would encourage any jazz aficionado to purchase this recording as soon as possible! (Mark Lynn, instructor of trumpet and wind ensemble, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY)

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PLAY SONG hit the TOP 30 on JazzWeek national jazz charts in 2011. 


"Dan Jacobs is the purveyor of a warm, lyrical sound. Whether playing trumpet or flugelhorn, muted or not, he's in total control; he never goes for showy technique, always preferring musicality." - George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Society

 Trumpeter Dan Jacobs' solos weave a magical spell emphasizing ideation. They are study in musicianship with an eloquent message - like Miles Davis but with more range and creativity. -John Gilbert, Jazz Review Magazine

Veteran jazz trumpeter Dan Jacobs brings forth one of the most unexpected musical highlights of 2011 with the release of his new CD, "PLAY SONG"—a superior recording in every respect. "Play Song" captures a command performance from trumpeter Dan Jacobs and his able crew producing a very accessible and engaging musical statement that jazz audiences everywhere can appreciate, well done! - Edward Blanco,

"Eloquent. Tasteful. Compelling. Masterful musicianship! Dan Jacobs’ trumpet and flugelhorn playing, as well as composition, makes PLAY SONG a phenomenally great jazz album. I absolutely love it! It proves that great chops + great phrasing + heart = superb jazz!" - Scott O'Brian, -

"His beautiful trumpet lines remind me of Chris Botti, except Jacobs' brings more extended improvisation with a much darker, smoother and more luxurious tone than a mink coat!" Thomas R. Erdman,

"Jacobs' entrancing and gorgeous flugelhorn acumen with long, sustained passages that smolder with each passing chorus is the epitome of cool." - Eric Harabadian, JAZZ INSIDE MAGAZINE

"Dan is the man who can really drive things home as a jazz soloist ." Bob James, Multi- Grammy-winning keyboardist.

"I am drooling over the haunting trumpet solos." Haybert K. Houston, Editor, JAZZ NOW MAGAZINE

"Dan is simply one of the great new offerings to the jazz world." George W. Carroll,

"Dan plays 'inside' and 'outside' with ingenious runs and sensitive obbligato statements." Winthrop Bedford, JAZZ IMPROV MAGAZINE

"He has what every musician strives for and rarely achieves - - his own identity" John Gilbert JAZZ REVIEW

"Dan's playing is lyrical, with a strong sense of melody. He is one of my favorite jazz musicians." Joao da Penha, Jazz Radio, Brazil

"Dan's solos are articulate, haunting, expansive, challenging, and intense." George Carroll,

Background: As a professional trumpeter for over 30 years, Dan has worked with greats such as: Bob James, John Pizzarelli, Maria Schneider, Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra, Jr., Mel Tormé, Johnny Mathis, Regis Philbin, Linda Rondstadt, Aaron Neville, David Clayton Thomas, The Four Tops, The Lettermen, Kenny Rogers, Bobby Vinton, Lawrence Welk Orchestra, Woody Herman, Jesus Christ Superstar road show, U.S. Navy Band, and many more.