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Dan Jacobs: Guestbook

"It's Almost Over" by daniel w. jacobs

February 13, 2009

I wrote this piece a year ago in Feb. 2008. Many people have asked that I post it again. So here it is. - D. Jacobs

by daniel w. jacobs

You'll just have to hold out a little longer . . . it’s almost over.

If you can avoid running up a karmic debt in the next few days or weeks; refrain from hurting yourself or others in a misguided attempt to fix situations that can’t be fixed; steer clear of temptations designed to throw you off the right path; you’ll be home free.

Soon the whole cast of monsters, demons, bullies and goons will pack up their inane torture devices and go trundling back to the hells from which they came.

Ignore the distractions, the dispersing chatter of small minds, the irrelevant, yapping growls of cur voices with inconsequential opinions.

Keep your eye clearly focused on where you’re going and what you’re trying to accomplish. All else else pales in importance at this time.

Stay the course, soon you’ll be free of them for good.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2008-2010, all rights reserved

Randy Casteel, trumpet, Detroit, MI

February 11, 2009

Hey Dan,

I got a chance to look through all your photos, WOW! what a collection of great artists and memories for you.

I wish I had taken pics from all my years on the road and gigs. Thanks for including me in one of them.

Hope we get a chance to work together again. - Randy

Quote from Miles Davis

February 10, 2009

When his teacher at Julliard said black people were despondent Miles said:

"Lookit, my father's French my mothah's good lookin' and I can play the blues. I never suffer, and don't INTEND to suffer."

This is from the Sixty Minutes interview with Miles Davis. The whole interview can be seen on youTube.

Phil Norris, trumpet, CA

January 26, 2009

Wow.....looking at your site and the know everybody!!! - Phil Norris

Peter Olstad, trumpet, Denver

January 25, 2009

Dan, I am flattered that you want to post something I wrote. Glad to help out. Take care, Peter

Eugene Hunt, piano, FL

January 14, 2009

Many thanks for the articles. The have helped me understand my life. - Gene

Bob Lippman, RSVP Marketing, CA

January 9, 2009

Hi Dan,

Love your quotes from "Quotes from the Cottage."


Virginia Miller, MI

January 4, 2009

Dear Dan, I just printed your ESSAY - "What Scares You" and I have just completed reading it over and over. When, in the WORLD, do you have time for writing such a great, inspirational article? It is absolutely GREAT. SURELY APPEARS TO BE SPOKEN FROM THE HEART--AND EXPERIENCE.Bless your sweet, sweet heart. No grass grows under your feet---right?
Love you, Virginia

Jerry Cameron, bass, MI

January 1, 2009

Dan-Your recent article on "Your Worst Enemy" is a good solid article. Several stong points!

This type of positive planning leads to positive thinking and a “can-do” attitude that cultivates success.

I read this through the eyes of a musician and was easily able to apply it to my life and goals.

I would encourage everyone to read this and test the theory of overcoming "Chronic Maybe Syndrome" by using this process in their own situation, whether sales related or not. It will work.

We may not think of ourselves as sales people but every moment of every day we are selling something to attain our hearts desires. God gave each of us special talents that we should not hide under a basket but rather hold up for the world to see.

We need to build a basic level of confidence into our personalities driving towards success in our individual area of expertice.

Again-Thanks for the article - good solid thought process well aticulated into print.
- Jerry Cameron

(note: the article Jerry refers to is on the "journal" of this site)

Derek Fredette, drums, FL

December 16, 2008

Great to hear from you, Dan! The concert in Milan '06 was a blast! Keep blowing those sweet, sweet notes.

Rich Wetzel, trumpet, WA

November 30, 2008

Happy Holidays Dan!

To one of my long time and all time best friends and one of my favorite trumpet players in the whole world, happy thanksgiving!

I am doing a lot of traveling these days and hope you and I can finally coordinate our schedules sometine!

Your friend and fan!

Rich Wetzel

Bach Trumpet Artist and Clinician

Rich Wetzel's Groovin Higher Jazz Orchest

Matt Olander, trumpet, Portland, OR

November 26, 2008


I read the review of Roger Ingram's book and was inspired to buy it. Thank you so much for letting me know about it. I'm not a lead trumpeter but the book has giving me many good tips of basic trumpet playing that has helped me already.

I love the way that Roger writes, it's easy to understand and fun.


Phil Morrison, bass/composer, GA

November 10, 2008


Words can't explain my gratitude for your ongoing support and what you expressed in your email to the China Daily. Thanks so much and I forwarded the email to Keith.

You are not only a great musician but a great friend!!


......striving to be of service to humanity by promoting international harmony through music!

Steve Talaga, piano, MI

November 10, 2008

Thanks for the note Dan. The feelings of respect are mutual.

The freshness you bring to every musical situation is an inspiration. - Steve

Chie Imaizumi, composer, band leader, Denver, CO

November 6, 2008

Wow Dan! I'm sorry I missed your show with Maria.I wish I could be there... awww

I love Maria so much. She is super beautiful in so many different ways. words can not describe!

Thank you.
You know what I mean!

Love, Chie

Kevin Smith, trumpet, MI

October 28, 2008

AWESOME!! Dan Jacobs has and incrediblely sweet sound and unbelievable technique

Dan Jacobs is an amazing trumpet player. From his sweet sound to his incredible technique he is a true artist! This album deserves every jazz-lovers attention! My favorite has to be that unique and beautiful arrangement of "Angel Eyes". What a rhythm section!! WOW! - Kevin Smith

Bruce Knepper, trumpet, Lafayette, IN

October 28, 2008

Wonderful phrasing -- beautiful expression of great music

I love Dan's phrasing on this recording. Just when I think he's going to breathe, he doesn't. It keeps your attention on the music, and makes you wonder how much more he's going to express. This is a very musical endeavor by everyone on the recording. - Bruce

Manuel Jackson

October 28, 2008

Mentally Moving, and Refreshing!

Blue After Hours sounds like a musical breath of fresh air, pure yet haunting. While listening I felt as if Miles, and Masekela were listening too. Thank you!!!! - Manuel

Stephanie du Plessis ( New Zealand)

October 28, 2008

We heard this wonderful music on Smooth Jazz streaming from the USA. Noticed several times, and various tracks all of which are delightful. This CD was not readily available in New Zealand. Love it! - Stephanie

Maria Schneider, pianist, composer, arranger, NYC

October 25, 2008

Dan, you sounded great - you're beautiful. Maria

Dr. Paul Brewer, trombone/educator, MI

October 17, 2008

Regarding your playing last night at the Maria Schneider concert, I'll quote what Roy Haynes once said about Charlie Parker's playing: "It wasn't nothin' but soul".

Pure Soul, Dan.

Great work, my friend.

Stay well,


Randy Marsh, drummer, MI

October 10, 2008

Dan, you played your ass off at the Maria Schneider concert last night. - Randy

A Fan from Japan

October 4, 2008

Hello Dan,

I love your new display picture.

You look great!! Shoko

Cary Kilner, pianist/seeker of truth/N.H.

September 28, 2008

Hey dude, Yer famous!

I just heard Don't Know Why on! I was going out the door and I thought, "that sounds familiar." Then I came upstairs to see what it was -- it was you!


Sharon Betzel, NH

September 5, 2008

you are a wonderful player, one of hte best in my opinion.

Tony Gambaro

September 2, 2008

Nice site Man...

Thanks for your efforts!


Niki, Detroit, Mi

August 29, 2008


what a wonderful resource. Very interesting site. I'm happy to have found it.


Dan Duncan, trumpet, MI

August 27, 2008


I really appreciate the encouraging words. As we played I thought, "boy it's a lot easier when there's all this strength around you."

It really seems to me, to be a privilege to play with a bunch of high commitment / high concentration musicians. I don't think there was anybody there that didn't "care" about the music. That makes it meaningful for me. It's rare, unless you're a full time pro. I thought everybody gave it a serious effort - and we had some good musical interactions / exchanges in the meantime. It really was an "event" in my mind and the audience loved it.

On a personal note - it's always a pleasure to play with you. Great to hear you solo again.

Dan D.

Tim Froncek, drummer, MI

August 27, 2008

Yea man, it's always great to have you any of my gigs!

It Was a speical moment with you and Max playing and the planes going over.

Thanks for being there and sharing your talent, always a gas........... Tim F

Kenny Gordon, singer, MI

August 15, 2008



August 14, 2008

I like This site!

Rob Lester, reviewer,

August 8, 2008


Eileen Bertsch has been around for quite a few years, making some recordings and doing theater around the country (her website,

She has the ability to really get inside a song and tell a story. She has a strong, rich voice which she uses to wrap around a song and, in the embrace, she pulls in her audience. She can wail, she can croon, she can belt, but best of all, maybe, she can act a song. Her interpretations are thoughtful and intelligent, mostly songs of contentment with love.

More good news: she uses real instruments. I especially like the trumpet work from Dan Jacobs, who is also the producer.

A litmus test for me is how much I enjoy a new recording of a "mega standard." Eileen passes with flying colors. Highly recommended.

-- Rob Lester

Jim Stone, Radio Host, WLNZ, 89.7FM

August 7, 2008


It's fabulous!! She can deliver a song like it should be ...with feeling!!! Trumpeter also Dan Jacobs is always the best . . . #1 in my book! I am adding it on our radio show for play in Michigan. Keep up the good work!

- Jim Stone, Host - Big Band Swing - WLNZ, 89.7 FM

mike davison

August 6, 2008

Impressive site, Dan. Great seeing/hearing you in Suttons Bay a couple of weeks ago.
Keep blowin'!

Fred Feldman, MI

August 5, 2008

"You are a unique artist. You communicate with such depth and sincerity - as though it's your own composition - your own story to tell. You are blessed with a remarkable musical mind" - Fred F.

Gary Stutzman, educator, tuba, MI

July 23, 2008


Good work! I am so consumed by my school and the work at hand that I rarely stop to look around at what is happening to us and your words help to give clarity to it all! thanks for your insight and writing. I see you're also continuing your playing on trumpet and flute which is great.
Northwest Academy Music Director

johnny jazz, jazz writer - music reviewer, CA

July 19, 2008

Dan, You're skilled with the pen your own damn self.....Classy writng and then some....j

johnny jazz

Cathy Segal-Garcia, jazz singer and educator, Los Angeles

July 5, 2008

Here is another quote for you.

"The spirit then, is not a "thing". It is the "creator" of things."
L.Ron Hubbard

Sunny Wilkinson, vocalist, MI

June 28, 2008

Hey Dan,

You sound BEAUTIFUL . . . lovely to hear you. I can't believe that we had not run into each other before this time. I would love to come and do a special concert . . . ANYTIME! If you are playing near here, I would love to come . . . Loved your Website. I am off to Chicago in a few minutes, so I will sign off.

All the best,

Sunny Wilkinson
Asst. Professor of Jazz Studies
Michigan State University

Dan Connor

June 14, 2008

I will always welcome a message referencing "Severe Hands"

Martine Dalton, Grand Rapids, MI

June 12, 2008

Love the CD Dan, you are right the song does remind me of Dad. Great sounds!!! Congrats

Balow G. Italy

June 11, 2008

Your articles are well written and enlightening. thank you.


June 8, 2008


"BLUE AFTER HOURS" by jazz trumpeter, DAN JACOBS hits the TOP TEN best selling smooth jazz CD's on

Check it out at:

Jack Kimmell, pianist, composer, arranger, MI

June 7, 2008

Happy birthday,
Dan, such a great trumpeteer.
Your music to hear is a joy to the ear
Your outlook on life is a joy to behold
And the sound of your horn will never sound old
'Cause you're Dan, such a great trumpeteer! Have a blast!

Jack K.

Eddy Curtis, trumpet, MI

June 5, 2008

The newest release "Singin' & Swingin' With The DC3" by vocalist Ellen Murray is a smooth, well crafted jazz inflected music. Ellen is skillfully surrounded with superior seasoned and profesional Jazz artists who have performed with some of the greatest legends in the industry.

There are some very bright spots on the CD. Particularly outstanding is the song "Bye Bye Blackbird," which has a catchy hook featuring a masterful trumpet solo performed by inernationally aclaimed trumpet recording artist, Dan Jacobs. Dan wittingly weaves in and out of the traditional harmonic structure of the song and has created some witty playfulness and mischief here. His solo is quite vibrant, breathing freshness, yet keeping true to the the fun and ''cool'' tradition of this timeless 1926 Ray Henderson classic.

Doug Endicott

June 1, 2008

Hey Dan,
Nice site! I enjoyed playing in the section with you last night. Your solos were very tasteful(as usual) and appropriate for the swing-era gendre. Please put me back on your email list!


Perry Barrett, recording engineer, Vancouver BC

May 30, 2008


Can I use some of the music from the album "Jazz Standard Time" for a promo for is Bob Lentini, the guy who developed the SAW Studio programs?(it has the clean smooth jazz sound I'm looking for)

I like the "Summertime" cut....
If possible I'd like to get a non MP3'd version of the cut, of course (or at least 320kbps) which you could upload to my site.

Let me know.


Perry Barrett
Dark Horse Studios
Vancouver, BC

Archie Sawyer, Saginaw MI

May 26, 2008

Hello Dan,

My name is Archie Sawyer. I live in Saginaw, Michigan. I happen to come across your website, while looking up information on Kanstul Flugelhorns. I really enjoyed listening to the Sara McLaughlin track. Great playing!

Can you tell me what model of Kanstul you're playing on?

Thank you for your time,


Jeff Mackevich, tenor, Chicago

May 23, 2008

I'm glad that we got to play together;
you sound real good. If you pass through Chicago let me know.
I'm playing at Pops for Champagne downtown every weekend in

Be well. Jeff Mackevich
PS Your website is AWESOME!

Rob Ford

May 16, 2008

One more huge thank you to you, Jeff, Pete, John and Jerry.
Great job. It was so much fun.
I hope that you all found it worth your efforts.
Bottom line is that our biggest annual fundraiser for the Rotary was a huge success and that the Good Works program will be able to help the community once again.
Take care,
Rob Ford

Ed, trumpet, Los Angeles

May 11, 2008

Dan, love your website. Amazing tips, and fabulous playing. Best from LA, Ed

Stu Ford

May 3, 2008

Hey Dan, thanks again for letting me join you at the ER Rotary Show. Let me know when your in the Traverse/Elk Rapids area again.

Danny Jacobs

May 1, 2008

My name is Danny Jacobs too!!! And I play the guitar like a pro! I think all Danny Jacobs should gang up and perform together at an amazing music-thon. Email me back!

Walt Johnson

April 25, 2008

Beautiful site

Mary, IL

April 25, 2008

Dan, this is really a neat site--lots of wonderful words from you and others. And thank you for sharing it with all!!


Mike, guitar, MI

April 24, 2008

Your article on "Too Much To Think?" got me thinking; I did have "too much to think" the other day, and I still have a hangover!

Is there a 12 step program for chronic thinkers? "Hello, my name is Mike, and I'm a thinkaholic!"

Cary K., Ph.D. candidate, NH

April 24, 2008

I started reading your writings and was very inspired. Nice thoughtful,
engaging, uplifting, provocative self-help pieces. Cary


April 21, 2008

About your writing on, "Death by a Thousand Cuts"--- I have been to the dark side on both sides - the victim and even done things that I probably shouldn't have done now that I look back in hindsight.

Out of curiosity in youth and even today I always wanted to see things for myself, cause and effect and things. I know now that I need to think first and act second instead of being mainly curious and goal driven.
Good writing, Dan.


Jeff Lundholm

April 17, 2008

Came across your site while looking up old friends and aquaintences... I went to high school at Mona Shores in Muskegon, MI with Frank Warrick.

JJ, drummer, CA

April 16, 2008

Just wanted to say thanks for writing the inspirational "what scares you?" article as well as the others- good stuff.

hope you're well.

Rod J., drums, Chicago

April 15, 2008

All your writings are great, particularly "it's the people stupid". Much thought has gone into these insightful and edifying essays. My thanks for them. - Rod

Ronnie Gent, NYC

April 10, 2008

Your reputation as a great player, proceeds you.

Shoko, Japan

April 9, 2008

Dan, thank you for your reply.
It's always nice to hear from you, you respond me politely.

Please know how much I appreciate your warm heart. Your music makes me all feel warm and fuzzy, that's what you are.

I am sorry, I usually don't write so much because I don't have so much English to talk/write - I am studying English on my own and I don't know "Active English".

I always want to write lots more to you Dan,but I know my poor English gives you a headache....

CathyAnn "Nipono" Laurie, vocal/bass, California

April 2, 2008

wow, Just went to your website, I knew you were cool, but whew' :-) I'm honored to have played with you and be on your website, I feel special.

CathyAnn "Nipono" Laurie

Gene, Australia

April 2, 2008

I am a writer, currently living in Australia.

I just wanted to say how much I've appreciated your writing. Very insightful and professionally done.


Marah, California

April 2, 2008

Doc raved about your playing and said you enjoyed the changes in "I remember Clifford" (He's pretty impressed with HIS Changes!!) He said "Dan's really very good on the piano. . .it's just like I always say, guys with a piano background are a step above". He came home, higher than a kite, as he always does when he spends time with you. He truly misses the challenge and excitement of being around great musicians and charts. He said he told you that he still can run the 100 yard dash!! I swear, when he looks in the mirror he sees himself in his quarterback football jersey! I love it! I think I told you that we joined Gold's Gym and that he is really gung ho. He has his 83 rd birthday this month and is in better shape than a lot of 60 year old's. . .pretty amazing!
Thanks, Dan, for the joy you bring him!

Stan Shuman, piano, Miami

March 28, 2008

You da man, Dan. Great stuf - keep it up.

J. Marles

March 23, 2008

You have a unique tone and a great sense of timing. I'm so glad you are getting all this recognition. The whole world should embrace this record. J.

Bobby Shew

March 23, 2008

Hey Dan,
Your CD, "Blue After Hours" is a delight to listen to, well-played, nice tunes. It's easy to see why you are getting so many accolades. The communication is really there, easily felt. You're the best!
BTW, loved the back of the CD with the director's chair reading "BANK OF BAD HABITS". How true, how true! Thanks and best regards to Myrna. Bobby Shew


February 29, 2008

Hi, very intresting information for me. I completely, completely agree. I read the articles with pleasure.
Thank you admin of this site for interesting and useful information.

charles, clearwater, fl

February 27, 2008

Love this site - you make my day! - charles

Chet Morell, musician, London

January 27, 2008

Good site; web design is great. Great music and writing!

Jack Slopinsky, film maker, trumpet, Syracuse, NY

January 21, 2008

Dan, Very interesting site. You appear to be very well rounded in your approach to your business, and might I add "life"? Very good! - Jack

Loradana, singer/entertainer, Romania

January 21, 2008

to Dan,

Oh my god! Your son, Evan, told me about your site. you are AMAZING! Evan is a lucky guy to have you as a father.
It would be great to develop a standard eclectic show anytime with you!
- Loredana

David, trumpet, Minneapolis, MN

January 16, 2008

Love this site, wonderful music, photos, writing, keep it up!



January 12, 2008

Greetings from Mississippi...taking a break on the World Poker Tour ...wish now I would have brought my HD down we had had some perfect afternoons for riding n e way WOW...........
what a monsterous site is as impressive as your playing and commitment to great music
thanks for all your sharing
Congratulations Dan

Lynne Dorman Meservey

December 27, 2007

Very nice website and enjoyed the pictures especially those with Randy Dorman. He is my first cousin and it looks as if you have had some good times together.

Lynne Dorman Meservey
Marshall, Michigan

John C., California

December 25, 2007


Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family!


Johnny Jazz, jazz writer/reviewer, CA

December 13, 2007

Danny Boy you are a gem and one of my favorites.

We go back a ways...
Johnny G.

aka Johhny Jazz
Staff Writer:
Jazz Improv Magazine
Sony / Columbia Records Magazine

mark alexander

December 12, 2007

hey man!

great talking with you on the plane.

i knew that was your hat...unless phil woods was in town, who else in grand rapids would have that sense of style?

I am listening to your 'stella' and dig your playing. very cool...

i hope you and ariel get a chance to meet..

all the best

Joao da Penha, radio host, Brasil

December 11, 2007

To Dan Jacobs, a superb artist, all the best for you in 2008 - love, peace and music, music, music!

Joao da Penha, Brasil

B. Brown, Professor/writer, MS

November 26, 2007


As I obviously suspected you are truly a "renaissance" man. Your multitudious dexterity is
unequalled. Your zeal, energy and steadfastness is a model for successful and happy
accomplishment in life.


Jayne Bennett, Music Director, MI

November 23, 2007

Dear Dan,

Your performance at the Jazz concert was wonderful and I really enjoyed what you have done with Billy and the rest of the students who stepped out and did solos. I was very proud of them and loved hearing you play and adjust to the changes in the program. I would love to set something up to have you work with the kids and me as well. I would like to learn more about jazz and improve. Since I am classically trained I have very little experience in this area.

I think that they kids are more excited now to get something going and the concert was a great success in building their interest. Thank you so much for your time, patience and hard work.

Thank you again,
Jayne Bennett, Music Director
Charlevoix High School,
Charlevoix, MI

Haybert Houston, Publisher, Editor in Chief, Jazz Now Magazine

November 20, 2007

Hi Dan:

I am now listening to "Blue After Hours" and I really like it. I am only on track one and am drooling over the trumpet solo, wonderful work my man! I like Rod's strokes. I am partial to any tune that requires brushes.

I will play this on my radio show for sure!

I hope you will bring the brothers down my way sometime so I can catch you in person.


Haybert Houston, Publisher/Editor
JAZZ NOW MAGAZINE - first fully interactive Jazz magazine on the Internet, since 1994

Doug Steele, drums, FL

November 20, 2007

Hi Dan!
Your horn sounds soooo goooood!!!

It's nice to hear somebody who can really play well, like you guys play. Everything just kind of aligns and you just kind of float free from it all, and there you are.

Thanks for that!

Doug Steele

Shoko, kudamatsu, Yamaguchi, Japan

November 11, 2007

Hello Dan,
I just come here cause I miss "WELL YOU NEEDN'T"
It's amazing that it was just happened to be recorded...great solo!
Hope all is well wiz you!! - Shoko

Dr. Paul Brewer, trombonist, educator, MI

November 9, 2007

Are you listening Wynton Marsalis? Then know this: I'd rather hear Dan
Jacobs play than you any day.

Danny's got a story to tell, not social stature to protect. Go back to the music, Mr. Marsalis (Or go there for the first time, actually). And...


There are great stories being told in the music by quite a number of
"nobodies" out there.

Drop the jazz godfather persona, Mr. Marsalis, listen to the real
stories, and finally learn to tell your own.

Dr. Paul Brewer
Director of Bands
Aquinas College
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Randy Marsh, drummer, MI

October 26, 2007


You played your ass off last night at Naya, and thanks for letting sit in..


Bubba, CA

October 7, 2007

You write so well! I went all over this site read everything. Excellent. Bubba

Tony, dentist/trumpet, MI

October 4, 2007

Dan thanks for the email. I didn't expect such a warm and friendly email from a celebrity as yourself. You are one of a kind and I really appreciated the lesson and words of encouragement and also the invitation to present any questions about the trumpet. I have been doing what you suggested and already I have noticed a increase in my endurance, my tone, and my range. I am going to concentrate exclusively on playing as you recommended-soft, slow, and melodic. Thanks again for the tip and hope to see you soon. You guys sound great that evening and I really enjoyed your playing. Keep in touch!! - Tony

Doug Houseworth, valve trombone, MI

September 27, 2007

Hey Dan,

Well said. I appreciate the intensity and drive of your life. Being so compelled to express yourself and being so good at it in different mediums is a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing. It is about people. It's been said lot's of ways: The principal of reciprocal behavior, What goes around comes around, As ye give so shall ye receive.

Keep it goin!

Doug Houseworth

Bill Sears, saxes, MI

September 22, 2007

Regarding the essay on "It's The People, Stupid!" - thanks for the reminder. On this one, you are so right.

We are pretty quick to recognize if the audience, friends, world, etc. doesn't get how hip we are (or as a friend of mine once said when being introduced to someone..."obviously you don't know who I think I am"!). Bottom line is that the responsibility lies with us as the artists. - Bill

Shoko, kudamatsu, Yamaguchi, Japan

September 20, 2007


I love "Well You Needn't",you sound really great!



Phil Morrison, bass, GA

September 20, 2007

Hey Dan.......great playing on "Well You Needn't". You sound
wonderful, as well as your group. Thanks for hippin' me to your myspace site. Although I'm invovlved with a couple of myspace sites &

my online communication skills are questionable:-)

Keep swingin'!

......striving to be of service to humanity by promoting international harmony through music!

Bob Mojica, trumpet, MI

September 19, 2007

Hi Dan

Great website.You showcase yourself very well. Shows you've been around the block several times. Great marketing tool..

You sound great on the sound tracks. When I grow up I want to play like you.

I especially liked the tidbits of info from Roger Ingram on warm ups & soft playing.

I see you're doing the Johnny Mathis show. Play well.



Haneef N. Nelson, trumpet, Winsor, Conn

September 14, 2007

You sound really good. Your solo on "Well You Needn't" was very fluid. I'm impressed!

Howard Clayton, MI

September 11, 2007

Magnificant page and delightful photos; all I can say is . . . WOW! Howard

Angelyn Arcaro, CA

September 7, 2007

I think you are the most talented aesthetican of music, who understands and communicates with your medium better than any I have ever heard. I can imagine your music, breathe your music, it becomes a part of me whenever I hear it.

Mike Darooge, guitar, MI

September 6, 2007

So nice to catch you & Mel together... a truly inspired performance with an excellent supporting cast!!

The alto flute has a haunting timbre that begs to be paired with some other exotic sounds... must be time to tune up the Oud I bought in
Istanbul and the 1937 vintage Rickenbacker lap steel. - Mike

Carl Reiley, Carmel, CA

August 31, 2007

I must say you have about the most extensive web site I've seen---Thanks
again---Carl Reiley, Carmel, CA
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