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Dan Jacobs: Guestbook

Nancy, trumpet/educator, Montana

December 9, 2014

>Hiya Dan,

I just played your version of "Blue" from the "Blue After Hours" CD, while I was wandering around on Google+ and my husband, Bruce, asked "Is that Miles Davis?" Just so you know how BIG a compliment that is, Bruce was a professor at New England Conservatory for around 25 years, so he really has a great ear for fine music making.

I really wanted to share that comment with you. I hope you and Myrna are well.<

Cheers! :-)

Miriam Pico, vocalist, guitarist, Traverse City, MI

August 23, 2014

Dan, you were AWESOME!!!! Please join me anytime. Thank you and Brandon for absolutely killing it on the horns last night. And thank you, Myrna, for these beautiful shots!

Jimmy, trumpet, Boston

August 19, 2014

I want to make you aware of a new CD by California renown trumpeter, and LaTromba T2 valve oil user, Dan Jacobs. The title is "Play Song" on the Metro Jazz label.
This is Dan's 3rd album and it's getting good air play. According to the "Jazz Week" charts it went "chartbound on September 28th.... by October 5th. had climbed from #129 to #71 ... by October 12th. had climbed to # 63. (
It's on the move up, and deservedly so! Dans' sound on both tpt..and flug. is truly something beautiful to hear, and his tasteful, lyrical playing on both Ballads and Swingers is well worth a listen.
There are lots of notes in chord changes ... but few people have the ability to play the pretty ones ... Dan Does!

Gene Gross, bassist, Petoskey, MI

July 25, 2014

This album (PLAY SONG) really is excellent! In addition to the top shelf musicianship, the mix is superb. The bass tone makes me so happy. - Gene Gross

Tj Firth, piano, MI

July 10, 2014

A great adventurer, like Dan Jacobs, knows the way to and from the birthplace of invention; what to bring and what to leave behind. Those reharmonizations have a story - it's almost as if words couldn't describe the essence, but the notes do it flawlessly. I really enjoyed the trip. Muchas Gracia - TJ

Randy Vader, composer, MI

June 11, 2014

(comments after hearing "Blue")

First - first - first class! Film Noir look - the flugel horn - the instruments - the editing . . . excellent in every way. Thanks - now off to my third listen! - Randy

Chuck Jacobs, bass, Burbank, CA

June 11, 2014

I have always loved the consummate control that Dan exhibits on this tune ("Blue"). It shows what I feel is his greatest asset, to communicate an emotion through his horn that touches the listener deeply. It truly shows how simplicity can convey a message that all can share. Of course the song is a tribute to the great trumpeter Blue Mitchell and I just love it. Thanks for sharing it Dan.

Nick Mondello, trumpet

June 11, 2014

Your version of "Blue" is simply gorgeous, Dan.

John McMillin, Salem, NC

June 11, 2014

what can I say, I F*#*ing love this tune ("Blue" from "Blue After Hours" CD) ..........very cool. Thank's for the post.

MIchael Weston, trumpet, Ashville, N. Carolina

June 11, 2014

(after listening to "Blue" from the album "Blue After Hours")

Great job on this Dan.

George Tidwell, trumpet, Nashville

June 11, 2014

(After hearing "Blue" from the album "Blue After Hours")

Lovely music Dan, thanks!

Jan Zawada, trumpet, Cape Town

June 11, 2014

(after listening to "Blue" from the album "Blue After Hours")

Dan, that is beautiful man, great playing. 5 stars! :-)

Bobby Shew, trumpet, NM

May 3, 2014

Hey Dan,
Man, I had tears in my eyes when I read the dedication you wrote on my behalf on your CD,"Blue After Hours." I was really touched by your kindness. The CD is really something, too! It is a delight to listen to, well-played, nice tunes. It's easy to see why you are getting so many accolades for what you're releasing as everything sounds "so clean". The communication is really there, easily felt. You're the best. Thanks. AND, regards to Myrna. BTW, loved the back of the director's chair reading "BANK OF BAD HABITS". How true, how true! Bobby Shew

Rex Richardson, trumpet, Richmond, VA

April 24, 2014

From Rex Richardson,

Aw thanks Dan! You are too kind, and quite impressive yourself.

Janice Alexis Mekula, Community Organizer, Traverse City, MI

April 17, 2014

Myrna Jacobs, please tell your fabulous husband that he earned my "Goosebumps Award" tonight for that thrilling duet with Ron Getz on "There Will Never Be Another You." The harmonies weaving in and out of each other like tree branches in a moonlit sky... epic. Thank you.

Jeff Haas, piano, Traverse City, MI

April 1, 2014

thanks for the many magical musical moments last night. Killer quintet indeed!!!

Jeff Haas

Cary Kilner, Ph.D., pianist, educator, New Hampshire

March 16, 2014

Yo, I was sitting at my computer at BP and my step-brother put on a trumpet player on his battery-powered sound-system -- nice cut. He said "know who this is?" with a wry smile.It was sweet -- nice sound, technique -- I said "Wynton?" but realized it was not. It was YOU on Summertime!!!
Very nice! - Cary

Eddy Garcia, percussionist, MI

March 16, 2014

Hey Dan, I listened to 4 tracks last night from your CD (Jazz Standard Time)... Wow, unbelievable great talent between you and your family. I'll check out the rest on my drive to work Monday morning. Like always, it was an honor to play with you on stage again! Here's my info. If you're ever in a need for percussionist for anything… Do not hesitate to ask! Eddy

Cary Kilner, pianist and Ph.D. Candidate, NH

June 21, 2013

I'm enjoying listening to Nadalin on I didn't realize it was you until I suddenly heard a familiar phrase!

Well done, and very nice!


Akin Okon

June 14, 2013

I just stumbled on your album Blue After Hours sir, and I must say it is immaculate. It is simply beautiful.
I stumbled on it looking for the jazz version of Fields of Gold, and it is the best jazz version of that song out there.

Well done sir!

Patricia Spreng

April 26, 2013

A privilege to sing with you and the boys today. Truly brought a smile to Virginia's face, I know. Beautiful music for a beautiful woman. Such an honor to meet you. = )

Tony Crosby

March 22, 2013

Willie told me you may want to play pool my best cue for your best trumpet.

Just a warning my cue is worth almost $500 so you may have to put up a little cash as well.


James Tremblay

February 17, 2013

I bought the only 2 CDs you had about five years ago, when I lived in VT. I recently gave them to someone who fell in love with them, and now need to rebuy them!

WUEV 91-5 FM Evansville, IN

February 14, 2013

Just added cut 4 in medium rotation, cuts 1 & 3 in light!
DJQ "play song" is good!


Alexandra Wilson, NYC

January 13, 2013

Listened to Dream Sketches this morning. Made me really nostalgic!

Bruce C. musician, Maine

January 3, 2013

"Dan.... man 'o man...with the prodigeous stylings and sweet chops, and a truly great hstory of gigs and recording with artists in all parts of the world...truly love your versatility with the voicings on your horn(s) Bravo....bravissimo...Dan,…"

Mike Grace, bassist/teacher, Ontario

December 27, 2012

Dan, You've always found the deeper meaning of music through your playing.

Angelyn Arcaro, writer, FL

December 23, 2012

WOW!!! I finally listened to your playing Summertime on I really know why you are without a doubt one of the very best flutists in the world........your music was so delicate, encompassing so many different sounds, like all the possible hues one could mix from a water color paint palette.... to compare to my means of expression.....I think this is one of your very best performances .... totally the music of a free spirit....a very advanced one at that.
You are an amazing artist, Dan....I know you have recorded this piece among many others so everyone possible can enjoy it....

Now I will look for any other music you sent me while my sound has not working!!!

You really are an amazing musician!!!

Lots of Love,

Bobby Shew, trumpet, NM

December 23, 2012

Gee, I had no idea that you played the flute...and so well!!

That is the ONE instrument I could never get to work, no matter how hard I tried, no matter how many Willian Kincaide books I read, nothing! I played gigs on sax, bone, drums,but that damned flute!:-)

Nice track, Dan! Thanks.


Jeffrey Silverman, piano/arranging, CA

December 21, 2012

Wow, Dan, love the flute! this is wonderful...thanks for this very cool (warm) gift!

Jeffrey Silverman

Steve Hommel, saxes, CA

December 21, 2012

Nice cut on Summertime Dan. Beautiful flute sound! When are you back in Long Beach? - Steve

George Tidwell, trumpet, Nashville

December 21, 2012

Beautiful, Dan, your flute sounds great, thanks so much for sending this sweet track out. Love everything about it. Hope you have a happy holiday season and music-filled new year,

All the best, George T.

Jacob Wisenbach, trumpet, MI

December 21, 2012

You were awesome last year by the way, very tasty stuff. Nice playing. The harmon works well for you. Nice flute chops too! - Jacob

Ann Baker, MI

December 15, 2012

You're famous to me!!!!!! I have a cd that has you name on it!

Brian Kilgore, IL

December 15, 2012

Your payment of great music is more than enough! Let me just say thank you!!!!!!!!!

Jim King

December 13, 2012


You have a nice site and really good stuff for me to read and learn from. Thanks!
The article by Roger Ingram about playing too loud is pretty much like his comment to me recently. I am still trying to learn the discipline and benefits of quiet.
You must have been at State about the time I was at Western.
Thanks again for the website.

Ted Piercefield, trumpet, IL

December 8, 2012

“Really tasty horn playin' there Dan. Loved it. The arrangement was also very cool. Thanks for sharing that.”
- Ted Piercefield

Ross Boissoneau, writer/trumpeter, MI

November 5, 2012

It's time for me to put up or shut up.

After talking the talk and then buying the walk, now it was time to learn to play the walk, I mean, the flute. I purchased one this past spring, but remained totally clueless.

So yesterday I had my first-ever private lesson, courtesy of Dan Jacobs, a professional trumpet and flute player currently ensconced in Bellaire.

I first met Dan several years ago at a Coldwell Banker party where I booked David Chown's group. I asked David to get a trumpet player as well as sax cuz I wanted to play, but not by myself. Dan was the man, and he still is The Man.

So I took my trumpet and my flute. He showed me how to hold the latter, what keys do what, and kept telling me it was easy. Thanks for the encouragement, Dan, even if I respectfully disagree at this point.

But I was able to make some noises that eventually sounded like notes, and then, wonder of wonders, I got to play one of his alto flutes. It is so cool. I must get better so I can get one someday.

Then it was on to the trumpet. At least I know how to hold it, and it only has three valves instead of all those pesky keys. Here he gave me some technique tips and practice ideas.

All in all it was a well-spent afternoon. Torch Lake was even more beautiful than usual on the way up, and now I just have to follow through.

Dan plays a lot in northern Michigan in the summer and in Southern CA in the winter months. For play dates or other information, check out his website at He's also on Facebook, sharing photos, shows, tips, and other fun stuff.

Matt Taton

August 27, 2012

Dan, again, a pleasure to play with you on Friday. Although the gig was a little weird (to say the least) you sounded great, as usual. Actually, you get better and better every time I hear you. I loved hearing you play the blues too!!

Safe travels my friend,


David Arivett, piano/composer/Arkansas

August 21, 2012

Hey Dan, have you heard this??? absolutely incredible...sorta reminded me a little of your wonderful "Blue" recording!!!
- David Arivett

Paul Carlson, tuba, Grand Rapids, MI

July 31, 2012

Hi Dan,

This is Paul Carlson, the new tuba professor at Grand Valley. It was great to get to meet you after the GRJO/Vizzutti concert. It was even better to hear you play!
Hopefully we can work together sometime. I'm new in the area and play in Dallas Brass (so I'll be on the road some) as well as teach at GVSU, but I am definitely looking to play in the area now that I'm here. I can play dixieland and read changes or would love to play in anything. I'm pretty flexible.

Anyway, my phone number is 505-259-1403 and if you ever think of needing a tubist- give me a call.

Please let me know where you're playing- I'd love to check it out.

Dan Foster, trumpet, Binghamton, New York

July 6, 2012

I just went to your site and listened to "One By One"...sounds great man! The whole CD sounded great and Gio did a good job transcribing. I'm definitely recommending it to people and I'll probably transcribe a solo from it eventually and send you the .pdf of it! - Dan

philip hagar

June 24, 2012

Hey man...i doubt you would remember me....we played together several times at club MILAN in Michigan....LOL. Still have your signed picture with Leno....I am the keyboard player you worked with....maybe the name STICKS (drummer) will jog the mem!

Please give me a shout via email...

Skully, Music Promoter, MI

May 29, 2012

Wow . . . what a monstrous site . . . it is as impressive as your playing and commitment to great music. Thanks for all your sharing.

Congratulations Dan

Dale Tope, LAc, TX

May 20, 2012

"Happy Birthday, Dan! Thanks for inspiring so many musicians throughout your career!"

Scott Strecker, trumpet, KS

May 11, 2012

I'm honored and thankful to play with you. Your solo was outstanding. Hope we can do it again. I'm in Denver on my way home to Wichita. Can't wait to down load your song. I hope we can play again together soon!

Scott Strecker

Roger Ingram, trumpet, IL

May 6, 2012

Hi Dan,

It was SO great to see you at the NAMM. I'm very pleased you finally had the chance to meet Vicky. ;-) You look great, you sound great, and it was really fun to jam with you there at the Jupiter booth. Keep your eye on my schedule at, and hopefully we can meet up again in the near future.

Thank you for helping me finally get onto the right path in life. I am eternally grateful for that.

All the best,

Jupiter Music: Artist/Clinician
Check out my book Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing

Delilahk Weathers-Fondren, author, AL

April 22, 2012

Dan is admired by all; I'm blessed to have heard his creations... A brilliant musician and composer!!! Always has been ... Always will be...

Juha Voutilainen

March 25, 2012

Dear Sir

I really like your music. Your music touch something deep. It's like peaceful moment in wintertime here in Finland when it's not day neither night - we call it blue moment. There is no time only deep peace and freedom.

With deep gratitude

Juha Voutilainen
Psychologist, psychotherapist


March 21, 2012

"Dan is the man who can really drive things home as a jazz soloist." Bob James, Multi-Grammy winning keyboardist.


March 21, 2012

Dan, your CD is DYNAMITE!!!
I never tire of hearing you play. I hope others appreciate the level of talent you have. Marah

Rod Jacobs, drums, Naperville, IL

March 19, 2012

I know this is out of left field but I've come to a new appreciation of you leading the band.
As you know I've been playing in our contemporary worship band and I'm constantly trying to get dome semblance of an arrangement.
Mostly we just play the song with a few soft places then end on a high note if appropriate.
I remember some Dixie tunes you'd organize some riffs as a backup to the soloist, stop chorus' and assorted
musical/rhythmical expressions.
Good job Dan!

Steve August, piano, Las Vegas

February 26, 2012

Yes Dan, Your CD is fabulous. I love your playing, love the sound, and I appreciate your talent and're a master musician and wish we could do more Jazz Workshops and well as record together.

Larry Lofquist, piano, Vienna

February 26, 2012

By the way, Dan's page of sales wisdom is something else. Some very apt thoughts and lines.

CD review of "Play Song" by John Gilbert,

February 16, 2012

Dan Jacobs Quartet Review - Play Song

written by John Gilbert

"The trumpet is the most difficult instrument to play (physically) requiring top notch chops and Dan Jacobs has been blessed in this regard many times over. This quartet has it all together in this fine album. The arrangements are fabulous and the solos are not only inventive but performed soulfully and pleasing to the ear.

Wayne Shorter's "Speak No Evil" is a jaunty excursion into the land of bop and Jacob's rendering is a lesson in swing. Gerard Hagen at the piano follows with an electric 'Powellesque' message. Dan Jacobs exhibits his facility in another turn at bat. Great tune done artfully with both a grace and drive.

The title tune "Play Song" opens with Hagen's beautiful gamboling epistle. Dan Jacobs Floogie weaves a magical spell emphasizing ideation and leaving no doubt that there is no thin gruel here. Nunez bass solo is both melodic and leaves no doubt that he is a gifted bassist with chops galore.

"Relaxing" strolls along happily and Jacobs' solo is a study in musicianship with a message most eloquent. There is a Miles like quality in Dan Jacobs playing but he has with more range and is certainly more creative than Miles Davis. An exciting piano directive is inspiring in it's inimitable Hagen style.

"Speak Low" is a haunting ballad artfully done by both Jacobs and Hagen in a manner most fitting that would certainly please the ear of Kurt Weill as it does your humble correspondent.

The tunes are carefully chosen, the player's superb, and that adds up to a recording that will please the ear of the jazz fan and the cognoscenti alike.

Bob James, piano/composer/arranger

February 7, 2012

"Dan is the man who can really drive things home as a jazz soloist." Bob James, Multi-Grammy winning keyboardist.


February 5, 2012

"Dan is simply one of the GREAT NEW OFFERINGS to the jazz world."
- George W. Carroll,

Scott Yallow, reviewer, New Jazz Horizons Mag

February 5, 2012

The listening pleasure I continue to get from "Play Song" is paramount to the unforgettable experience of my becoming aware of music for the very first time!

Who would ever have imagined that sounds waves could make such an emotional impression on one. You have created a fantastically moving collection of moods and sounds.

Keep them coming Mr. Jacobs.
– Scott Yallo

Eddy Curtis, trumpet, MI

February 3, 2012

Great CD with masterful trumpet solos performed by internationally acclaimed trumpet recording artist, Dan Jacobs.


February 2, 2012

'Play Song" is eloquent. Tasteful. Compelling!

Dan Jacobs’ trumpet and flugelhorn playing, as well as composition, makes PLAY SONG a phenomenally great jazz album. I absolutely love it, and know it’ll be one of my all-time favorites for years to come.

I’ve been a fan of Dan’s work for a while now, and to my ear, this could very well be his best work yet.

If you dig Miles, Mangione, Botti, Hubbard and players of this caliber, then you will dig Dan Jacobs Quartet’s “PLAY SONG”… masterful musicianship! It proves that great chops + great phrasing + heart = superb jazz!

– Scott O’Brian,

Downbeat Magazine Review

February 1, 2012

"Play Song" presents a well-experienced jazz group with great material. Leader Dan Jacobs is clearly a solid trumpeter who can bring home the goods with a great rhythm section.

Jazz Inside Magazine, NYC

January 29, 2012

"Jacobs' entrancing and gorgeous flugelhorn acumen with long, sustained passages that smolder with each passing chorus is the epitome of cool." - Eric Harabadian, JAZZ INSIDE MAGAZINE

Jazz Week Nationwide Charts

January 29, 2012

Newly released jazz CD, "Play Song" by the Dan Jacobs Quartet soars into the 'Top 30' on JazzWeek Nationwide Charts.

Tomas R. Erdman, JAZZ REVIEW MAG

January 28, 2012

"His beautiful trumpet lines remind me of Chris Botti, except Jacobs' brings more extended improvisation with a much darker, smoother and more luxurious tone than a mink coat!" Thomas R. Erdman,

George Fendel, reviewer, Oregon Jazz Society

January 16, 2012

Dan Jacobs is the purveyor of a warm, lyrical sound. Whether playing trumpet or flugelhorn, muted or not, he's in total control; he never goes for showy technique, preferring musicality.

In this game of reviewing of jazz records, one can often make some determinations before ever hearing the disc. One look at an artist's play list can speak volumes. In the case of Jacobs, every tune but one represents an undervalued work from such admired musicians as Bobby Shew, Wayne Shorter, Bill Mays, Harold Danko and Frank Strazzeri.

What does that tell us of Mr. Jacobs? Well, it says he's spent time listening to the work of others. And with the exception of "Speak Low," the one standard on the date, these are not tunes one hears everyday. But Jacobs has unearthed some gold and deserves kudos for it.

- George Fendel, reviewer, Jazz Society of Oregon
Metro Jazz Records, 2011, 67:17.

Greg Hopkins, trumpet/Professor, Boston, MA

January 16, 2012

"Your new CD is very good! Full-warm-and cool, with nice ideas, all at the same time. I heard Marvin Stamm on “Play Song” with the Bill Mays trio at a local club, nice, but I prefer your rendition.
- Greg Hopkins, Professor at Berkeley School of Music


January 4, 2012

Download Dan Jacobs’ songs for free at Mp3-2000!

In 2011 Dan Jacobs's music was among the most popular downloads made by fans.

Dr. James Sawyer, trumpet/educator, MI

January 3, 2012

Dan, your piano version of "Auld Lang Syne" is AWESOME. Happy New Year!!!

Stan Modesky, trumpet, Maryland

January 3, 2012

Your version of "Auld Lang Syne" is beautiful! It totally redefines the tune for me.

Jerry Cameron, bass, MI

December 24, 2011

Really enjoyed that version of "Favorite Things" -Loved your lines and the sound you got on the horn-JC

Amanda, flight attendant American Airlines, CA

December 23, 2011

Hi Dan, I don’t know if you remember me, I’m the flight attendant on your flight from Chicago to L.A. Your CD is beautiful, it’s so great because I can listen to it while I’m sitting in traffic going to L.A. It’s so soothing and beautiful and what a great player you are. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much, it was very thoughtful of you. Thank you again. - Amanda

Billy Brown, Professor, MS

December 23, 2011


Congrats on the outstanding reviews and being included in the "Who's Who in Jazz Trumpeters book". You have been steadfast for a long time at the top of the skills in your genre'. Life is good when you are good at it...You are no stranger to being consistently appreciated, acknowledged and recognized for your excellence.

Be at peace...BFB

Jimmy, trumpet, NJ

December 23, 2011

"Play Song" is on the move up, and deservedly so! Dans' sound on both tpt..and flug. is truly something beautiful to hear, and his tasteful, lyrical playing on both Ballads and Swingers is well worth a listen.

There are lots of notes in chord changes ... but few people have the ability to play the pretty ones ... Dan Does!

Jenny Gummersal, fine artist, CO

December 16, 2011

BIG BIG COngratulations DAN!!! WE are happy for and proud of you on making the "Who's Who in Jazz Trumpet list!

Billy Warrner, trumpet, San Francisco

December 16, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS on being included in the "Who's Who of Jazz Trumpeters! I saw your name and bio included in the "Trumpeters Galore" book. You're starting to get the recognition I always knew you deserved!

Arzo Tureaud, trumpet, U.S. Army Band

December 16, 2011

Thanks you for all your help, you've been a great mentor for me.

Matt Taton

December 10, 2011

Dan, again thanks for working with my students on Monday. They had a lot of great things to say about you and learned a lot. Hopefully we can arrange a gig here in Mt. Pleasant with the band in the near future. Look forward to playing with you in Midland in the spring. Take care -- Matt

Joe Cataldo..trumpet , Flugel ,Composer

November 9, 2011

Hey Dan ..
Great stuff ..the CD sounds terrific's my pleasure to put it on my show ..............
Jazz Jersey Style WWFM 89.1HD2
Best of luck

Larry Meregillano, trumpet, CA

September 19, 2011

Dan, Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your new CD. Can I steal your licks? Thanks again! - Larry

Jerry Younce, guitar, MI

September 13, 2011

Hey Dan,
I’ve just had the delight of engaging myself with your newest music release “Play Song”, this is very moving music! I was knocked out by your trumpet work on these cuts! Your sound is wonderfully patient, warm and soulful, melodically rich, I loved every bit of it! Beautiful tunes, beautiful playing, a nice recording, this is truly a great compilation! Thank you for your music, I have an immense appreciation of your trumpet voice and for your musical work within!


Brad Goode, trumpet, Denver, CO

August 7, 2011

"Hi Dan, I listened through your CD today. It's a great album, and you sound terrific! Congratulations on the release. Also, the production is really top-notch; good mix and nice recorded sound on your horns." - Brad Goode

Carlos Melendez, guitar, MI

August 5, 2011

Dan, Your new quartet CD, "PLAY SONG" sounds wonderful. Beautiful playing, beautiful music. - Carlos

Phil Morrison, bass/composer, GA

July 11, 2011

Hey Dan....

I love your CD! Your playing is outstanding and I dig your rhythmn section. I think my favorite track is Tidal Breeze (#5). The feel you get on Alondra is also outstanding (I also dig Cloudcroft...which is the name of the street where my daughter lives in Malibu!

In fact a couple of the tunes including Cloudcroft remind me of an original
that I'm going to lay on you if you don't mind:-). It's called Mystique and I can hear your group nailing it (but don't feel obliged). Thanks again and please send me your Michigan address so I can reciprocate with one of my CDs. Do you have either my Philanthropy or Hollow Reed CD?

See ya! phil

Striving to be of Service to Humanity
by Promoting International Harmony through Music

JoAnn Baker, MI

July 11, 2011

Just wanted you to know I got Dan's CD "Play Song" in the mail today and it's absolutely wonderful.

My husband played the trombone for many years...not professionally but "funly" so I've always been partial to the brass!!!!! Congratulations to Dan and to you for the fabulous photos. --- JoAnn Baker, MI

Geoff Winsted, trumpet, Palm Desert, CA

July 11, 2011

Geoff Winstead, trumpet, Palm Desert, CA"PLAY SONG" the new CD by Dan Jacobs

I Just finished my first listen-through. This is an outstanding album!

Dan's interpretations on Wayne Shorter's "Speak No Evil" and "One by One" are brilliant, as are the rest of the cuts. The seemingly effortless phrasing, consistently open and relaxed tone in all ranges - a tone that is masterfully shaped to match the mood, and the constant wealth of ideas makes this a goldmine to emulate for any jazz player.

I feel privileged to have had even a tiny input on this project from Dan sending me some raw cuts for evaluation.

Dan Jacobs Quartet - "Play Song." Brilliant! Just like Dan.

Geoff Winstead

Ray Thomen, trumpet, Lake Forest, CA

July 11, 2011

“PLAY SONG” is a new CD by Dan Jacobs, leader and trumpet/flugelhorn player.

I have known Dan Jacobs over 20 years, played in lots of bands together and consider
him a terrific musician and a very good personal friend.

“Play Song” is Dan’s third CD. I can pick Dan out of a crowd of excellent trumpet
players because he has his own style of playing and his own unique sound. But I was “blown away” when I played this newest CD.

My first reaction after a few songs was, “Gee, that’s not Dan”, then quickly, “Well, I
guess it is!” as I recognized some of his playing trademarks.

Sure enough, It was Dan, “Just playing better than I’ve ever heard him play, and,
sounding better than I’ve ever heard him sound”. I even called him on the spot, leaving
a voice mail that said how much I loved his CD and accusing him of ‘stealing one of my
‘good horns’ - because his horns never sounded this good.

I played the CD several times and agree with Tony Guerrero (also a long time friend of
Dan’s who wrote the liner notes) that this is a beautiful album. The song selections and
arrangements cover a broad spectrum of moods, sounds and colors. The mix of tunes is
perfect for Dan’s talents and certainly seem that they inspire his creative musical skills as
opposed to just playing an “edgy hard-bop” Jazz standard that Dan can play perfectly
even when he’s asleep.

Dan is a “Mood Maker” and it shows in selections like Bobby Shew’s Cloudcroft (you can almost “see the seasons” of New Mexico), pianist Bill Mays, “Play Song” and “No Hurry” (they both “float” so wonderfully), Harold Danko’s terrific “Tidal Breeze”, and finally Jacob’s own “Alondra.”

He loves playing music and is at home when surrounded by good musicians. His quartet is top quality and I am sure that they were all responsible for the high level of performance. Gerard Hagen, piano; Ernie Nunez, bass; Peter Pfiefer drums; and Robert Mulligan, percussion; rank with the best in their field.

Listen closely as Dan “weaves” his magic around each of the songs. He is technically capable of weaving his “web” around the fiber of a tune and creating an entirely new, better piece of music. I believe this to be the major reason this CD is so wonderful.

It is beautiful!

Ray Thomen
July 10, 2011
Lake Forest, CA.

Matt Taton

June 26, 2011

Hey Dan, great gig with you last night with John Pizzarelli. It was a blast playing next to you all night. You are a true pro!

Listened to "play song" this morning. Great CD man! I love the track layout - great flow to the CD. I love your lyricism and every solo has a point and tells a story. No wasted notes! You use the upper reg at the perfect time to create interest in your solos.

Great job!


Paul Lesinski, Grand Rapids, MI, piano

June 8, 2011

Great gig tonight at the What Not Inn with Dan Jacobs, his brother Rod on drums, and Rob Hartman on bass. I always love playing with Dan. Plenty of freedom and spontaneity. With his chromaticism and lyricism, you never know what might happen!

Nancy Reichard Watt

March 29, 2011

Hi Dan,
We both graduated from TCHS and we both went to NMC so --- yes, I remember you!! What an auspicious career you've had. I'm happy to know about you and your music.

Adam Macblane, trumpet,

February 16, 2011

Adam_Macblane wrote:

Hey Dan,

Dan, It was great to meet you at this year’s NAMM show in Anaheim. You sounded fantastic on the horns, and I appreciate you taking the time with them. What kind of projects are you currently involved in?

Adam Macblane

Marc J. Koblick, M.D., trumpet, FL

January 20, 2011


My name is Marc Koblick and I’m a 54 yo amateur trumpet player since I was 8 years old. I recently purchased your tune, "Blue After Hours" online, then purchased the entire album. I REALLY enjoyed your arrangement and solos on Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars (Corcavado). I’ve been listening to it 24/7. I want to play that arrangement in the combo I play in. As I do not improvise too well, I am emailing to ask if I could purchase the trumpet music which contains your solos. (I know the head.) The solos are great and I could never improvise anything like you played. I have the Transcriber software program and could do it myself, but it would take me several days to do it. I just don’t have the time.

If this isn’t possible, I understand and will try to do it myself.

Marc J. Koblick, M.D.

Cary Kilner, ph.d. candidate/pianist, NH

January 18, 2011

Of all the jazz musicians I have worked with, Dan Jacobs has carried the rigorous classical music ethic to both practice, rehearsal, and performance situations.
I used to drive him crazy back in the late '60's because when we rehearsed I used to want to stop and move on when we had achieved 90% perfection, and he would want to work to 99%. He also paid great attention to attack and dynamics in ensemble work.

David Lyle Strong

December 22, 2010

Dan, I would like to thank you for sharing some of your great music for me to hear. I have a request for your friendship on facebook. I play the horn too and I love your work. If you can do so, I would like you to hear some of my songs which I post for friends as videos on facebook. Thanks again, Dave Strong, Clio Michigan.

Yuval Oren, trumpet, Bay Area, CA

December 12, 2010

I am listening to the music on your web site. Fantastic stuff! If you find yourself in the bay area again and need an extra trumpeter, please let me know. I'm a good reader and would be honored to play with you.


Donna Nickelson

November 10, 2010

Dan, received you CD, "Blue After Hours" today, thank you so much! Loving it! It's almost 5;00 here, fixing ribeyes for dinner while listening to it. It's great thanks again!

Claudio Castellano - Italy

November 9, 2010

Dan Jacobs is a great trumpet artist that have arranged many pieces of high musical thickness. Blue After Hours is an elegant album, very wonderful,not to be lost and preserved only for the keens of jazz big music.compliments!! - c.castellano-italy

Janice Palmer

November 8, 2010

Hi Dan,

I want to thank you so very much for all your help. I just finished ordering the book online. I am just amazed that you would take the time and effort PERSONALLY to look into this for me.

I had an exceptionally talented piano student several years ago who played your composition, "AFFAIR OF THE HEART," so beautifully, and I've always loved the song since then. However, I neglected to buy myself a copy at that time and have always regretted it. Now I look forward to the book's arrival.

Thank you for creating such beautiful music that inspires and touches my soul.

Thanks so much,

Jean, OKC

November 7, 2010

I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

Janice Palmer

November 7, 2010

I hope I have the right Dan Jacobs. I'm trying to locate a piano book I saw several years ago. It contains "Affair of the Heart" in piano solo. I tried my music company, Chesbro Music Company, but they couldn't locate it. I had a piano student many years ago who played this from the book. I really need to get the book for one of my piano students. She wants to play that piece for Festival, and the judges need to have a copy. Thanks so much.

Matt, student, New Mexico

August 23, 2010

This is probably the most amazing website. The amount of info in here is amazing, you should put together a book. Matt
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